Unipolar thermostat type RT-WH11 with bipolar safety cut-out

Item number: 344

Technical specifications

A 310
B 275
PZ. 100
kg 12
Ø 54
Ø1 6

Instructiones and use

Thermostat type RT-WH11, ART.344, is a temperature sensitive devi ce usually employed in control of electric storage water heaters.

Connection to the main power supply is made with appropriate brass terminals which have screws of 4 mm. Connection to the heating element is made by 2 brass tabs, 6,35 x 1, placed on the rear ofthe device. Pressure graft should be between 4 to 15 nw. The unit has built in bipolar device of temperature limitation which requires to be reset manually or by a tool. In the case of intervent on of the limiter wait for the temperature decrease before resetting in order to avoid that sensible system lose its calibration.

Technical characteristics

  • Unipolar stemmed type thermostat for single fase voltage bipolar bimetallic safety device with manual reset
  • Functioning temperature from 20°C to 80°C
  • Security range setting from 65°C to100°C for power of 20A 250V and 20A 230V AC
  • Thermal differential 10°C ± 3°C
  • Lenght of standard stem: 275 mm
  • Approved as per European regulation EN 60730-1
  • ENEC approval
P.S. Temperature settings, control handles, colors, rod lengths, on request.
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