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Warmth in total safety


It’s in the prosperous Lumezzane valley, Brescia province, where Sala family has their origins that since 1961 they began to operate in sanitary ware, deep roots from which a ten-year tradition and experience has followed its unstoppable development in the sector of thermohydraulic components. With it’s strength that Unival proposes itself to the international market with a range of products capable of satisfying any customer need, and guaranteeing an excellent “quality / price” ratio.

The main object of the product range is the production of components for electric water heaters and thermal plants which includes a package of products exclusively of its own production relating to rod thermostats, electric resistances and safety valves, which distinguish us on the international distribution and industrial market by operating in addition of 60 countries around the world.

In Unival, research and development are necessary for the continuous technological innovation of products and internal procedures, achieved by investing new capital in advanced specific machinery for the production and robotization of products and production processes while maintaining a high-level quality standard, as it always stated in the general policy that our company has pursued and achieved in the last twenty years. Our daily commitment aims to make us a contemporary and proactive company, able to offer a unique and safe product in all its aspects.

People, planning
production, development

Production planning, company quality control, product certifications they support and further qualify the company in every respect. We are able to satisfy any customer need, guaranteeing an excellent “quality / price” ratio.

For the expansion of the product range, we have recently made components for boilers & water heaters that include a package of products exclusively of our production. Thermostats, heating elements and thermometers combined with safety valves, they have long distinguished us on the international distribution and industrial market.

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Unival: 60 years of history

The Sala family, since the foundation of Unival, has always been personally active inproduction and quality control, as a protagonist in the development of the productionchain in collaboration and supervision of the team.

Together with the production teams, today Unival is expanding on a daily basis. What makes the difference is also the synergy between the generations of the Sala family, where the know-how merges with an increasingly contemporary vision of the market.

Innovation and research

Research and development for the technological innovation of products and equipment-machinery, through tridimensional CAD design and robotizationof the various production processes


The realization of the brass bodies takes place through moldingwith fully robotic vertical presses and machinerythat perform the phases related to cutting, heating of the pieces, molding, final shearing of the piece.


The mechanical processing takes place with automatic CNC transfer machines that guarantee excellent executive quality enslaved by anthropomorphic robots, with final washing of the pieces in dedicated dryers.


The galvanic treatment (chrome-nickel plating) carried out on the brass bodies is performed automatically on specially made frames and inserted in special tanks that contain the necessary liquids for the galvanic system. A homogeneous finish with a controlled thickness is obtained, aimed at lasting over time without alterations.

Quality management

We take great care of the quality aspect of our products by carrying out checks with certified equipment and fully automatic state-of-the-art machinery. For this purpose, an internal laboratory has been created to perform various leak and calibration tests, with the possibility of creating informative reports on the products tested.

Guarantees and certifications

As a guarantee of the high standard acquired over the years by our products and in the management of production and marketing, Unival obtained in 2001 the UNI EN ISO 9002: 1994 certification for its quality system, subsequently transformed with the adaptation to the UNI EN ISO standard. 9001: 2015.

Production management

Assembly and testing are carried out but machines that guarantee the correct assembly of the various components. Calibration and control of the individual pieces is carried out with certified electronic equipment. A dedicated software formulates production batch reports, as a further guarantee of a Made in Italy and absolutely reliable production.

Package and packaging

The package and packaginghave been studied and diversified to meet the various needs of customers and the market, and it is a phase under control according to precise internal operating procedures.

Orders and deliveries

For an efficient and reliable delivery service we have organized an internal warehouse, able to meet the various needs and emergencies that frequently adapts to the customers. It consists of material acceptance, quality control, assembly, semi-finished products, finished and packaged products, order preparation, shipping.

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