Unique Value for You

We are a leader in the production of components and accessories for the thermo-hydraulic sector.
Excellence in quality, created by a team that wants continuous improvement for innovation
Our experience at the service of people.


Efficiency, human quality, uniqueness.

Efficiency, human quality, uniqueness.
personal quality and unicity in the world

continuosly increaasing
internal leadership
in order to have excellent partnership
whit customers and suppliers

improve safety in people’s life


Team, people, planning

To be a team with method and discipline that aims at continuous improvement of people
increasing quality excellence with determination during production and design phase
in order to stand out in the brilliance of tailor made solution
for the most ambitious customers be change

in terms of prosperity and perspective
for the staff, customers and suppliers.

Research, evolution of people, glolocation.

We are specialized in the production of components for hydraulics and heating, with integrated solutions capable of adapting to different sanitary systems. Safety valves, electric heaters and rod thermostats are some of our products, which apply to the industrial and distribution hydraulic sector.

Since 1960, research, quality and development have been the cornerstone of our evolution. Our daily commitment aims to make us a contemporary company, able to give a unique and safe product in all its aspects.


Hydraulic components in the catalog, which can be consulted digitally from different angles


Integrated solutions for the application of sanitary components in different environments and systems


Design, prototype and production of customized components to be implemented or replaced

Warmth in total safety

Over sixty years of history have guided Unival in the direction of change, between highly technological machinery and professional team training.

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valves sold each year
Unival is
to believe to create to grow to change

We share values ​​that lead Unival to create safety in people’s lives.
Ambition, discipline, determination and product quality are what we want to stand out with in the planet.

60 years of history

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The quality of our production is in the safety of your environments

Made in Italy

Quality components, for a valuable final product

Integrated solutions

Plannig, prototyping and production of all the components of the sanitary items

One supplier

For an efficient and reliable delivery service, we have organized an internal warehouse, able to meet the various needs and urgencies that occur frequently by customers.

Guaranteed savings

With Unival you avoid a production chain of several suppliers and save money

Less risk

A single supplier ensures greater care for the arrangement of the goods

Order and precision

We optimize space with a careful arrangement of the goods, we ensure you care and quality service

Even safer

We send our components with a seal

A unique solution

Clear documents, attached to the transport of components that need it

Less problems

We manage the documentation internally to save you money

Quality components

For a valuable final product

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