Regulation set “Unisolar” for solar thermal plants

Item number: 730

CE 2014/68/UE/P.E.D

Technical specifications

DN 1/2",3/4"
A 182,159
B 310,275
C 80,80
D 32,27
E 112,106
F 3/4",1/2"
PZ 1/4,1/4
PZ 8,8

Function and operating principle

Unisolar regulation set with diverter valve and thermostatic mixer find application in solar thermal systems, in all those situations in which you want to divert the path of the fluid, depending on the appropriate regulation. The thermostatic sensor directly plunged in the fluid “feels” the temperature and depending on the value of the set-point (45°C), deviate the path. The thermostatic diverter has no electrical/electronic features, which means reliability, easy installation and saving of electricity. The value of the set-point is factory set at 45°C and can’t be changed.

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