Magnetic dirt separator “Unitoy”

Item number: 636

General informations

The dirt separator devices have been present for some time on the Italian market for supplies for plumbing and heating systems.
Unival with UNIMAX proposes in response to the increasingly stringent needs of the market a product that summarizes the best features

  • Suitable for installation in thermal power plants with heat pumps
  • Internal stainless-steel filter (800μm) effective in blocking larger impurities
  • Installable in any position thanks to the rotating connector and the locking ring
  • Integrated drain cock allowing quick and easy maintenance
  • Powerful magnet (12.000G) whose wide contact surface allows to stop every ferrous particle
  • Removable magnet for cleaning without removing the dirt separator
  • Decantation chamber whose geometry is designed to guarantee the slowing down of the fluid, thus increasing the quantity of intecected impurities.

Technical specifications

DN 3/4" (DN20) 3bar/43.5psi
DN 20
A 161
B 107
C 80
D 161
E 107
F 80
G 161
H 107
KV 5.2
PZ 1/9
Kg 7
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