Heating element for heated towel rail with thermostat

Item number: 337

Instructiones and use


  • The heating element is intended only for use in a bathroom heaters.
  • lt is designed to heat water or other antifreeze fluids, approved for use in central heating systems.
  • The heating element is intended to use under the voltage of 230V ~ 50Hz.


he heating element shall be installed only by a qualified installer having valid qualifications while obeying the procedures related to protection against electric shocks. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for damaging the heating element due to improper installation.

  1. Empty the bathroom heater form the fluid.
  2. Unscrew a hole plug, in which the heating element is to be screwed in.
  3. Screw on the heating element.
  4. Fill the heating element with water.
  5. Check on water tightness of the screw joint and, if necessary, screw on the heating system.
  6. Plug the heating element to a socket with a protective bolt ensuring essential protection against electric shocks.


  • The heating element must not be used in stainless steel containers.
  • Power must not be connected before the heating element is immersed underwater.
  • The heating element must not be cleaned with caustic cleaning substances.
  • The heating element must not be repaired on one’s own.
  • The heating element must not be immersed in a liquid other than the one it was designed to work in.
  • The heating element must notwork in air.
  • The heating element must not be installed in devices with different heat source exceeding a maximum temperature of thermostat operation i.e. 80°C.
  • In the event of using a different source of heat (e.g wood-fired furnace) after the heating season check if the heating element operates properly.

Technical specifications

DN 1/2"
A 384
B 54
B1 52
C 92
D Ø7
Kg 20
watt 300÷1200
PZ. 1/25
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